Purchase Speech Therapy or Feeding Therapy

How to schedule and purchase a speech therapy or feeding therapy session:
  1. If your are a new patient, make initial contact by scheduling a phone call (713-517-9131) with a Learning Sphere speech-language pathologist or email us at info@thelearningsphere.com .
  2. If you are an existing patient or have already spoken with a Learning Sphere Speech Language Pathologist, pay for your session below.
  3. Once payment for a package is complete, you may confirm your speech therapy session dates by emailing: info@thelearingsphere.com or your speech therapist (Provide your preferred days of the week and times in your email).

Pay for an individual speech therapy or feeding therapy session (click below):

1 hour therapy session  $130
30 minute therapy session $65

Pay for a package of therapy sessions (click below):

30 minute session (package of 8) $520

1 hour session (package of 4 — $80 discount) $440

1 hour session (package of 8– $208 discount)  $832